Blanchet Catholic School announces new campaign

As Blanchet Catholic School prepares to celebrate 25 years of operation, the school recently announced the Complete the Dream Campaign. This $4.4 million campaign will have a significant impact on several major aspects of the school. Blanchet already has received more than $3.25 million in pledges during the silent phase of the campaign.

Complete the Dream focuses on four areas of development: STEM program enhancements, upgrades to the Wiegand Arts Center, financial assistance for students, and a new multipurpose turf field and track facility.

“One of the reasons STEM education is important is because it allows students to be inspired, to think outside the box and to start dreaming,” said Blanchet technology teacher Rory O’Brien. “The more we offer these opportunities to our students, the more they are going to be able to benefit all of humanity.”

Blanchet is dedicated to enhancing the school’s STEM programs and offering more opportunities for students to have hands-on courses. While the school has made great strides in its STEM program with the recent addition of the Makerspace 3D printers and new academic courses and clubs, the school wants to continue to develop and enhance the program with new equipment, course offerings and staffing.

Due to the success of the school’s theater program, there is increasing student interest in courses and performances. Support from the Complete the Dream Campaign will allow the school to make necessary upgrades to the Wiegand Arts Center’s lighting system, sound system, stage and storage.

“The newly updated theater will be a place that enriches students’ lives and provides them a venue to grow as individuals as well as artists,” reads a press release from the school.

Each year there are more families in need of tuition assistance to make a Blanchet education a reality. The campaign also will provide a stable source of support to the school’s tuition-assistance budget and ensure that no qualified student is denied a Blanchet education due to the inability to pay.

The centerpiece of the Complete the Dream Campaign and the 20/20 Vision Strategic Plan is a new multipurpose turf field and track facility, complete with lights, a grandstand and fencing. The new field and track will be located in the front of the school. It will give student-athletes a year-round training facility and make Cavalier athletic programs more accessible and competitive, as well as increase participation, according to school administrators.

“Building a new track and field complex is something Blanchet not only deserves, but has earned,” said 2008 Blanchet graduate Sean McAndrew. “Blanchet has an extremely successful track and field program. We have proved what we can do without a track; I think it’s time to see what we can do with a track.”

The campaign kicked off in October with the hope to complete the fundraising during the 2018-19 school year. The goal is for the work to begin and the benefits implemented in the coming school year.

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