St. Joseph students share what they like about school

The students at St. Joseph Catholic School were recently asked to complete an anonymous survey with one of the questions pertaining to what they like most about St. Joseph Catholic School. Numerous comments were made, but there was a common theme amongst them; their love for learning about God and the education they receive. Some of these quotes are heartwarming and make those of us that are a part of St. Joseph realize the significant impact that is being made in each of their lives.

A few of the answers we received regarding what do you like about your school:

“What I like about our school is that they teach about God.”

“I love what the teachers make me learn. It’s awesome!”


“I like that we are taught fun and exciting things with great teachers.”


Some of our more entertaining answers came from the question, “What do you wish were different at this school?”

“I wish lunch and recess were longer and that we had more PE classes.” This answer too was a common theme among our students.

“No notification card (behavior referral) because that stresses me out.”

“No more homework.”